Ongoing Ph.D. Projects

  • "Servant-based Leadership for MOOC-driven Distance Learning" by Mary Bolger. Dutch Open University, Co-Promotor

  • "Problem-based Learning in Electronics" by Martin Podges, East London, South Africa. Co-Promotor

  • “Media Education for Reconciling Self Image and Body Awareness” by Kirsten de la Horra Calomarde-Hofman. Co-Promotor

  • “Private Speech for Self Regulation in Media Programs” By Adel M. Agina. Co-promotor, University of Twente

Awarded Ph.D. Projects

  • “Adaptiveness in Learning from Social Video Episodes” by Jelle de Boer. Groningen State University. Co-promotor.

  • “Asynchronous Coaching of Initial Teacher Students” by Ralph Hooreman. Univ of Eindhoven. Copromotor. 2008

  • “The Computer as a Metacognitive Tool for Gaming” by Philip Bonanno. Univ of  Joensuu; Ass Promotor. 2008

  • “Higher Education ICT Policies” by Maggy McPherson. Sheffield University; Promotion Committee Member. 2007

  • “Stereoptic Navigation for Surgical Training in Virtual Environments” by Jan-Maarten Luursema. Assistant Promotor. University of Twente, Sept. 2008

  • “Ethnographic Factors in Mathematics and Com­puter Science” by Matti Tedre. Co-promotor. University of Joensuu. 2006

  • “Narrative Learning Conversations in the Woven Stories Paradigm.” By Jussi Nutinen. Co-promotor, University of Joensuu. July 2005-.

  • “Using generative probabilistic Models for Mul­timedia Retrieval” by Thijs Westerveld. Member of the Promo­tion Committee, University of Twente. 2005

  • “Reading Intervention Technology in English” by S. Senthilnathan. External Referent, Alagappa University, India, 2004

  • “Hypermedia Interaction Design: A Cognitive Constructivist Approach” by Lee Chien Sing. Fac. of Inf. Technology. Ex­t. Ref., Univ. Malaysia. 2004

  • “Kritische und nicht kritische Spielstände im Wettkampftennis: Individuelle Leistungsvoraus­setzungen und differentielle Leistungsfolgen.” Dr. Maite Iriarte Rego for the title "Doctor Europeus". Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2004. Referent.

  • "Intelligent Agents for Orientation on the WWW" Lora Aroyo (2001). Univ. of Twente. Internal Advisor

  • "Mapping in the Educational and Training Design Process" Svetoslav Stoyanov. 2001. Univ. of Twente. Assistant Promotor

  • “Multimedia and Hyperspace”. Jose Bidarra de Almeida; 2001. Universidade Aberta, Lis­bon, Portugal. Member of the Promotion Board

  • "A Study of the Social and Material Distribution of Cognition". Ilias Karasavvidis. (1995-1998). Univ. of Twente. Member of the Promotion Com­mittee

  • "Cognitive Tools for Learning". Anders Broberg; (Dec 1999). Umea, Sweden. Faculty opponent

  • "Concept Mapping for History Awareness" He­redina Fernandez; (1996 - 2000). Autonoma Uni­versity of Madrid. Referent for the International Ph.D. certificate

  • "Memory, Cognitive Style and Concept Mapping in Learning Biology” Heling Huai; 2000. Univ. of Twente. Assistant Promotor

  • "Concept Mapping as an Epistemic Support Tool" Viatcheslav Bykov; 1997. Kiev, Ac. of Science. External Promotor

  • "Learning and Working with Electronic Perform­ance Support Systems" Theo Bastiaens; 1997. Univ. of Twente. Promotion Advisory Board and Opponent

  • "Adaptable Courseware" Sjoerd de Vries; (1991-1997). Univ. of Twente. Assistant Promotor

  • “Investigating the portability of multimedia learning resources: Design for a "Teaching Models Toolkit"; Zhang  Ji-Ping, 1996, University of Twente, Advisory Member

  • “Cross-cultural portability of educational software: A communication-oriented approach;” Zhu  ZhiTing, 1996, University of Twente, Advisory Member

  • "Knowledge Engineering for Courseware Design" Alnoor Ladhani (1992-1996). Univ. of Twente. Member of the Promotion Advisory Board

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